Whetting your App-etite


    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation; conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. 10 months ago Google brought forth upon the intercontinent a new application. Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are too lazy to think of key words. Google Goggles is an amazing Android application that will find search results based on an image. It does for phones what TinEye does for web. Take a picture and Google Goggles, recognising text and visual clues will return results for things like book covers, business cards, paintings, historical objects and landmarks. It will even translate foreign languages. Take a picture of a street sign or a menu and voila! Parlez vous Anglais?? Today Mashable posts that the app will soon be available on the iPhone. Woot woot!

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    Confucius says “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember”

    And because Confucius is that “short dead dude” he’s gotta be right. Visualising.org is a data sharing resource that lets you search and upload your data, as long as it’s displayed in a most triumphant visualisation. Take a look at these innovative and creatively inspiring tables of the most boring (but useful I guess) content ever!

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    A Review…

    It has recently occurred to me that what is missing from this blog (apart from wit, brevity and anything approaching relevance) is sophistication. Yes, startingly, I generally aim to appeal to the lowest common denominator - mostly because I am the lowest common denominator - with not-so-pithy puns and low-brow innuendo. Thus, having donned a monocle and tails, I am pleased to present a new segment.

    The Review. (Polite applause)

    It will hardly surprise one when I opine that there are a plethora of web applications and variations available to an enterprising young upstart. Or startup. Whatever burps your baby. Difficulty arises not in sourcing the relevant technology for your needs, but in choosing between the relevant technology. In this section, I will endeavour to provide a (well let’s face it, I will never be concise) thorough, if subjective, review on different web applications.

    I think it’s safe to dispense with all pretensions at this point, as it is becoming increasingly clear that my sophistication is limited to my grasp of syntax.

    What better way to christen a new feature then with a review of the very technology that supports my self-indulgence? Blogging is an older technology and consequently, there are many platforms available. But the question is, which are the best? I have tried an extensive array of platforms including the biggest names in the game Wordpress and Blogger and it will not shock you to hear, I am sure, that I rate Tumblr above them all. Why? Because I want a plug, please.


    In all seriousness, Tumblr is not only intuitive, the functions are very user-friendly, but it lends itself to creativity. Bloggers aren’t restricted to 7 or so templates like with Blogger, there are absolutely hundreds of options and it is simple to add custom CSS. (This was not so easy with Blogger.) Users are encouraged to interact with each other the moment they login and innovative, captivating posts are rewarded with ‘likes’ and promotion.

    And it is free. I was absolutely disgusted to discover that Wordpress, while certainly up there with functionality, introduces a charge if you want to include custom HTML or CSS on your blog! Want to upload larger videos? Again, a charge.

    Blogger is certainly free but it just doesn’t have an edge. The functionality feels dated, the dashboard and settings are a little difficult to navigate and it really only supports blogging in the traditional sense. If you don’t have a lot to say, don’t bother with Blogger. Tumblr is equally effective with both long and short posts.

    There are certainly more blogging platforms emerging, some with very interesting premises, like Posterous, but at the moment Tumblr just does it better.

    End rant.

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    Caught My Eye

    I loves tricksy little websites, especially if they’re named with pre-school onomatopoeias. Zoom.it is a great little site to remember to instantly convert your images into interactive features. Plus, that cat seems to like it.

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    Leave the gun, take the cannolis

    Clipped from: techcrunch.com (share this clip)

    Hand me a pin-striped suit, a gold rolex and a hand rolled cigar. ‘Cos I’m taking on the casino business sonny! SGN’s latest iphone application MiniTycoon lets you become a casino pit boss and build a successful casino. So basically it’s Farmville for City Slickers. Nice :) Read more at TechCrunch.

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    The ET phone home

    Celebrate Androiders your king has risen and he’s clairvoyant! AppESP is a new (haha) app that helps you find apps. Appy, appy, joy, joy! (sorry couldn’t resist). According to Mashable, android users have no real way, aside from online reviews and blogs, etc, of finding the latest apps that are relevant to them. Not only does AppESP help you search available applications, it also recommends new ones according to the ones already installed on your phone. Read more about it at Mashable.

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    Checkout chicks have all the fun. No, seriously, not only do they get to wear fully sick co-ordinated polyester outfits that don’t show stains and shine in sunlight, or any light they also get to chew gum and ask cash or credit and ignore the person you really are inside. Oh and they get to scan stuff. From my youth I have harboured a secret desire to wave those black lines over a glass void filled with red laser light and hear that deep, satisfying blip that means yes, the little man in my scanner can calculate the price of that product. So imagine my excitement when I saw this video announcing the release of Checkpoints. A social networking rewards service for shoppers that costs -$0.99. Yep, if you download this app you get 0.99!

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    Khan’t Touch This

    DANCE BREAK! < left elbow, > right elbow, [] box step, ^ pelvic thrust, 8 do-si-do,   < > beyonce arms, S the salmon! As I can’t think of a tenuous connection between the Khan Academy and MC Hammer’s happy pants to make this segue smoother, or to make this a segue, I’ll just dive right into this awkward silence. If you, like me are too thrifty (those more pessimistic readers might even say tight) to pay for the privilege of sitting in an over-enrolled excuse to skip class and plagiarise assignments off the internet then you should check out a site that’s done all that for you. FOR FREE! Khan Academy is an online initiative that has just received more funding from Google and is devoted to providing “a world-class education for anyone, anywhere" through free video tutorials. Now even the Hammer would think that was worth a dance break. ~ dolphin roll.

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    So, it’s Monday again. Sigh. Why not start your day with this important message couched in a mildly amusing video of the utmost relevance. Relevant that is if your soccer shorts are painted and lackered to your jersey and if you like playing soccer with a steel rod piercing your vital organs.

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    What’s the bet these guys actually managed to do some work on a Friday?

    Clipped from: www.businessinsider.com (share this clip)

    Why not start your Friday morning with a Startup blogpost honoring some rather successful internet upstarts! Wordplay aside, if you were wondering what the most valuable internet startups were at this stage in the game then check out the top 100 at Silicon Alley Insider.

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